What are the 5 top differences between legal and illegal steroids

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We all crave for a perfect body, in and out. The question however is, how we can achieve it naturally? While we can eat healthy and exercise daily, the results may appear slower than we perceive. That is where anabolic steroids jump in. The core fact is that all steroids are a host of specific hormones.

Simple! Once you start consuming them, they either help you lose weight, gain weight or help in building more muscle. The second question is, are all steroids legal?

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No! While the answers can be many, the underlining fact is that many steroids use ingredients which are not legal, hence they are not available in the markets openly and are known as illegal steroids. Just like ecstasy is not openly sold on the market.

Here, we highlight the main differences between legal and illegal steroids so that you can buy the best ones to enhance your physical needs without any trouble.

1. The Difference of Benefits

While all steroids promise fast results, the legal steroids promise true results! The core reason is comprehensive testing in a clinical environment and thumbs up from research teams. The legal steroids can give you the below listed benefits without any doubts:

Muscle Strength:
Legal steroids aid in muscle growth and strength from the core. These steroids have ingredients which are essential for the body and when we consume them, the ingredients start acting like they are meant to. They aid in strengthening and growth of the muscles so that when you work out in the gym, you don’t have to work on strengthening twice!

Work out Recovery Periods:
Another advantage that legal steroids provide is an added stamina and will power. Have you often lost your stamina in between exercises? Felt you needed to give up? Well, this is where the legal steroids help. They help build your endurance level by providing your body with enough oxygen and energy so that you don’t lose it as soon as you would, without the steroids.

Boost of Energy Levels:
Legal steroids boost your energy at amazing levels. While you could only do 5 reps of a particular work out, with legal steroids watching your back, you will be able to take your reps to 10 without trouble.

Focusing on fat loss:
The amazing fact is that legal steroids aid in the fat loss at higher levels than naturally. While your body sheds weight whenever you exercise, with added steroids, the tissues are targeted with oxidation which results in swifter fat loss.

Fast Results
As far as legal steroids are concerned, they truly show results, that too, pretty fast. While it works differently for every person, the results are bound to appear. For illegal steroids, since there is no branding and no clinical testing, who knows what the results are!

Legal Steroids for Build Muscle

2. Difference of Obtaining them

While legal steroids are available in the markets openly, illegal steroids are only provided by specific vendors via a phone call or a dubious message. Legal steroids are profoundly tested, examined and eventually released in the market.

Their benefits are plenty while the illegal steroids are not available everywhere and they also don’t promise results.  http://buycrazybulksteroids.com

3. Difference of Side Effects

Well, this is highly essential. Legal and illegal steroids, both have their downsides, side effects. The question is, which side effects are harmful? While legal steroids can cause you:

  • Temporary nausea
  • Less weight loss
  • Slow results
  • Minor headaches

On the other hand, the illegal steroids can possibly cause you:

  • Dizziness
  • Bad headaches
  • Zero results
  • Allergies
  • Skin related issues
  • Serious diseases
  • Death

Is it safe to say that you should stick to legal steroids? If you believe that you love your body and need to aid in its fitness, legal steroids should be your choice!

4.   Difference of Branding

Branding covers pricings, promotion and  product quality. For Pricing, of course there is a difference in both the steroids. While the legal steroids might seem more expensive when compared to the illegal steroids, the fact is that legal steroid companies are charging you for their excellence.

As legal steroids need to be approved by the FDA standards, they are created with care, are packaged carefully and are sent along with expiry dates. On the contrary, the illegal steroids do not need such steps as they won’t be guarantying results, zero harmfulness or damages. The legal steroid companies are answerable to the FDA authorities, hence they take good care of the facts that the offer only top notch goods to their customers.

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5.   Trainer/ Doctor Prescriptions

For any sort of medicine, steroid or added hormones, you need a prescription. Although on the downside, many people purchase drugs without prescriptions. While the legal steroids can be easily prescribed by the doctor or the fitness trainer, no one will be willing to prescribe you with illegal steroids for sure!

Which are the best legal Muscle building steroids?

Now that we have covered the 5 factors about the legal and the illegal steroids, let’s take a look at the best steroids for building and enhancing muscles which are prone to zero side effects while they offer promising results!


D- bal is widely used for muscle gain and strength. By providing your body with high levels of nitrogen, the muscles soak it up. The greater the nitrogen is present in the muscles, the greater they repair and replenish.


Testo Max is perfect for men who want to gain muscles and look manly. Testo max provided higher levels of testosterone to the body which aid in bulking up, strengthening of the muscles and improving exercise performances.


Great for increasing stamina and increasing the recovery times between exercises as Trenerol oxidizes the blood.

How to Consume Steroids?

While it depends on the prescription, the widely used method is consuming one pill half an hour before the workout daily.

Always choose legal steroids because they ensure your safety!

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