4 Ways to Lose Weight with Water

The simplest tool to lose weight is water. It can be a great tool to add to a dieter’s weight loss resources. Drinking water can give a boost to your metabolism, help you lose water weight and reduce or appetite. It can be hard to drink the recommended number of glasses of water which are usually quoted about 8 to 10, but with perseverance you can utilize water to benefit from its weight loss properties. Water may sound boring to you but its benefits should be convincing enough to make you gulp down more. You can even add flavor to it by squeezing some lemon in it, which will further enhance its weight loss potential. While using water you can also utilize other weight loss resources like Phen24 to get rid of your extra pounds. Phen24 is a revolutionary formula that will make you lose weight both day and night. These dietary pills if combined with other weight loss methods will make you shed weight 24 hours a day.

There are a number of ways to use water for weight loss. Four of them are explained below.

1 .Increase Your Water Intake

Water cleanses the body of waste, increases metabolism and suppresses hunger. So, increasing its consumption will substantially contribute to weight loss. Drinking water throughout the day will give you the sensation of being full. This will make you avoid indulging in high-calorie drinks like milk, coffee and sugar high snacks that cause weight gain. Even if you do eat you will eat less as your appetite will be curbed. Reducing the number of calories regularly will help reduce fat. If you wish to drop your body weight it is advised to drink 1-2 glasses of water before every meal. It is highly recommended to drink about 8-10 glasses of water each day. This is a habit that will have to developed. If you tend to forget, you can always set alarms for through the day in your mobile phone. This will serve as a reminder to up your water intake. It could also be helpful to keep water near you or a bottle of water with you which will prevent errands.

2 .Drink Cold Water

The key to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. If your calorie intake is more than what you are burning with exercise, or other methods, your weight loss efforts will be in vain. So, drinking cold water can be highly useful in your quest to burn your daily goal of calories. When you drink cold water, calories are burnt because your body has to compensate the sudden temperature drop and balance the temperature of the cold water with the temperature of the body. Extra calories are burnt to warm the body. According to studies you can shed about 17.5 calories by drinking 473 ml cold water. It may seem insignificant but little changes over time will become significant.

3 .A Water Detox Diet

A water detox diet includes drinking water with infused fruits and vegetables. You can use cucumbers, melons, apples, strawberries, mint leaves or different other herbs. You should make sure that the vegetables, fruits and water you use is fresh. You should consult your doctor before doing a water detox diet and also decide how long you want to do this. In such a diet as your body does not get all the nutrients it usually gets, it may have negative effects on your body. So you should not do it more for than a week, preferably less. You should be wary about symptoms like dizziness and fatigue while on such diets and stop it when you experience them. Using Phen24 pills can prove to be further rewarding with this diet which can help you shed weight even when you are sleeping. You can prepare the different drinks at the same time and stock them in a refrigerator. The recommended amount to drink is at least 64 ounces a day. You can drink more but it is not advisable to drink them all in one go. Although this diet will help you drop weight quickly, it is not a long-term solution.

4 .Keep a Water Fast

Just like a water detox diet, again you have to decide the duration of your water fasts. Quintessentially they are of about 3-4 days but it is best that you start with a 24 hour one. You can continue if you feel like after that. Again like a water detox diet, water fasts too are temporary solutions. You should consult with your doctor for any health restrictions before because your well-being is far more important than losing weight. You must avoid exercising during water fasts as energy levels are low and it would be too strenuous for the body. You will have to drink only water for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Herbal supplements can also be used with water to balance electrolytes. http://phen24-review.com

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